Impromptu Tortillas!

So, my boyfriend suggested today that we have wrap sandwiches for lunch, and it struck me that it was the perfect opportunity to make my homemade tortillas! I never got a chance to take a collective picture of the ingredients (flour, margarine, salt, and luke warm water), but I did save the website I got the recipe from:

For a picture of the final outcome, see !

Here’s how it went:

hgfk-19        2 1/2 cups of flour







hgfk-2-9           1 stick of margarine







hgfk-3-9           I mixed the flour and margarine with the luke warm water and a teaspoon of salt until it was a smooth dough.







I rolled the dough into three equal-sized balls and let sit for 20 minutes.








hgfk-5-5          I cut out pieces of foil to set the tortillas on. Then I took each dough ball and rolled it out into a 10 in circle (I don’t own a rolling pin, which is why it looks so lumpy).








hgfk-7-3       I slapped the tortilla dough onto a slightly greased pan on medium high heat and cooked each side until it is golden brown and crispy all around.






Good luck trying this recipe out, and I hope for your sake that you own a rolling pin! 🙂


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