The Making of Vegan French Toast

I decided that I really wanted to make some french toast this morning! Okay, now it’s almost noon…but still! I want to give it a shot. I found a recipe that looks good enough from eHow, and hopefully it works out! Here is a link to the recipe:


Above are all the ingredients needed to make some bombass vegan french toast. I was skeptical that nutritional yeast would taste good in such a sweet recipe, but it actually mimicked the taste of egg quite nicely. For a picture of the final outcome, see

Here’s how it went down:


1 cup of soy milk








2 tablespoons of flour








1 teaspoon of nutritional yeast








1 teaspoon of sugar







granola-7         I mixed the above ingredients together for the “egg” mixture








I sliced 4 pieces of nice french bread








I dipped each piece into the “egg” mixture








I threw each piece into a pan on medium-high heat, then cooked them until they were golden brown on both sides. Et voila! Breakfast is served.









It was an easy and successful recipe. I highly recommend it!


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