The Making of Coffee Creamer



Above are the ingredients to make raw, vegan coffee creamer. Say au revior to your daily Coffee Mate habit and get yourself into the groove of this healthier (and tastier!) addition to your cup of joe. For a picture of the final outcome, see  !

Here’s how it went down:


Put 1/3 cup of dates (about 6 dates)…








… and 1/3 cup of boiled water…








…to a blender. Blend for about a minute on high, or until dates have mostly pureed.











Measure out a cup of almond milk. For the recipe, see







Add date paste to almond milk, and add cinnamon or vanilla if desire.







And that’s it! So easy. Happy drinking! Tip: If you aren’t crazy about the pulpy-ness of the date paste, I recommend straining the whole mixture through cheesecloth once everything has been added.







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