My Mission


Hello, internet explorers! My name is Sage, and I live in a very very very small apartment. This also means I have a very very very small kitchen.  Well, kitchen is a bit generous, so I better refer to it as my kitchenette.

A few days ago I was struck by an idea, and I’ve decided to give it a go. I am going to attempt to overhaul my kitchenette! Not the appliances or flooring or furniture. No, I want to overhaul the food. I have a goal:

To revamp the innards of my kitchenette so that the large majority of the food in my refrigerator and cupboards will be hand- and home-made, from scratch, vegan, and delicious!

It will be tiring, educational, possibly a bit expensive, and maybe a little ridiculous, but I just have to try it.

I will document every step of the process, through better or worse, until I have achieved my goal. Anyone care to join me in my goal? If so, shoot me a message! We can do it together. Or, if you’d rather just sit back and laugh at the silly little girl trying to do the near impossible, you can do that too.

Wish me luck!



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