The Making of Ginger Applesauce


Above are my ingredients for the ginger applesauce. You may notice that there is no ginger root, and that is because my boyfriend is currently buying it at the store. Thank goodness for him! Also, I am substituting cinnamon sticks for ground cinnamon because it seemed like a better buy and I gave up on the idea of whole anise star because it just didn’t fit within my price range. Below is the photo instructions of my adventure. To see the final product, visit !


3 lbs of apples, quartered and cored!







Lemon, about to be squeezed!








1/2 cup apple juice!









As the recipe called for, I brought the apple juice, lemon juice, and chopped apples to a boil. Then I let them simmer before adding…


Ginger, about to be grated into 2 tablespoons!















I let it all simmer and percolate for about 20 more minutes, until it was a big mushy mess that looked a lil somethin like this:









After I picked out the cloves, I threw the whole sauce into the blender so it would mash up the peels. I stored the finished product in a mason jar and put it in the fridge to cool:




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